Nutrition Coaching

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with sorting through nutrition claims? 

  • Do you need more guidance as to what you're supposed to be doing after weight loss surgery? 

  • Do you struggle to meet your protein targets? 

  • Or, have you regained some of your weight and need support in getting back on track? 

Megan Moore Bariatric Dietitian Nutritionist

Whether you need a small tune-up or full lifestyle overhaul, Dietitian Megan is here to help!

Megan is available to provide the education, accountability, and support to help you reach your wellness goals. Let's be real, reaching your goals doesn't happen overnight and, it can be hard to do it on your own! You might feel like you have a good grasp on things for the first week or two, but then as life events come options get boring...or motivation lags and you start to veer into old habits. That's where Megan comes can think of her as your personal nutrition concierge (aka your wellness coach and cheerleader)! She'll discuss with you where you are, where you want to go, and then help you discover how to get there...together! 

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free phone consult to talk more about your goals!